Rockwool Mineral Wool Acoustic Roll 50mm

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Rockwool Insulation 14M*1.2M*50MM is Non-combustible, Durable, Sound absorbent, Moisture resistant, Breathable, Circular. These are the natural properties found in all ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation. Ebuild is an appointed distributor of rockwool insulation in Kenya. Rockwool is a mineral wool quilt which is lightweight, flexible, resilient and non-combustible. Rockwool acoustic Rolls are 1200mm wide and ready-cut to produce three, 400mm wide rolls, or two, 600mm wide rolls and manufactured to a minimum density of 24Kg/m3. Ebuild Kenya is your ultimate source for original rockwool. Order online on 0743665665


Rockwool Insulation Roll is the most popular and economical soundproofing material with more advantages compared to other similar insulation materials such as fiberglass wool. It has an NRC value of 0.83. The Roll is economical and easier to install within partitions, floors, walls and roofs. In Kenya rock wool is commonly fixed in gypsum partitions to reduce office to office noise as well as exterior disturbances

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Dimensions 14000 × 1200 × 50 mm


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