Rockwool Insulation Blanket 6m*1m*50mm Density 100

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Buy 100mm rockwool insulation from Glassrock. Best for industrial and soundproofing within partitions. Rockwool blocks sounds and gives you privacy preventing noise from outside and vise versa. Rockwool is also an excellent fire resistant product that can be gladded on hot pipes, vents and pipes

  • The density is 100kg/m3
  • Rated Class A fire rating
  • Size 6 Metres by 1 Metre
  • Thickness 50mm

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Wired Rockwool Blankets – Wired rockwool blankets are the most used mineral wool in the World due to their wide applications in commercial, residential and industrial applications. They have a wire mesh overlay of stainless steel or galvanized wire which is stitched to it. The wire overlay helps in easy handling and addition of mechanical strength to the rockwool blanket. These wired rolls are mainly used thermal insulation applications such boilers, steam pipes, oil refineries and powerplants among others

Application of Rockwool Insulation

The following are the main places rockwool insulation blankets are applied in both domestic and industrial uses for both thermal and sound insulation.

Pipe Insulation (Lagging): Due to their flexible and lightweight nature, rockwool rolls are used in lagging pipes in the various industries. their thermal insulation properties allow them to be used to insulate pipes of temperature ranges of from 50oC to 540o This makes them ideal to industries that deal with chemicals or steam pipes.

Tank Wrapping: Industries dealing with fuels or other flammable fluids use rockwool blankets or fiberglass blankets to keep them cool. The flexibility of mineral wool blankets allows provisions its usage on even and uneven surfaces.

Cold Rooms and Shipping Containers: Companies dealing with perishable goods such as horticultural produce or other products that require to be kept at low temperature require cold rooms. Rockwool blanket form an important material in the construction of cold rooms due to low cost and thermal insulation properties.

Residential Houses and Offices: many parts of the country experience varied weather conditions i.e. hot conditions in the coastal and arid areas and cool and cold climate in the highlands. Rockwool insulation blankets are used in those houses to keep them cool during hot weather and warm during the cold weathers. Rockwool insulation is also used to soundproof houses near busy roads or industries. This also includes offices, container and sheet houses,

Ovens, Barbecue and Fire Places: Rockwool insulation is one of the materials used for oven insulation. These includes food ovens like pizza, chicken, cake, loaf ovens or industrial ovens.

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Dimensions 6000 × 1000 × 50 mm