Hessian Cloth Fabric – BURLAP 5.5m*500 Yards

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Hessian Cloth or burlap or crocus is a woven fabric made of vegetable fibres, usually the skin of the jute plant or sisal leaves. Other than sacks for carrying beans, maize, coffee and horticulture products, it has so many uses in Kenya. Available at EBUILD LTD

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  • 5.5*500 Yards
  • 7.5*500 Yards
  • 9.5*500 Yards
  • 11.5*500 Yards

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Hessian cloth, also known as burlap, has a rich history in Kenya. It was originally used by farmers to store and transport grains due to its durable and breathable qualities. Over time, the fabric has found its way into various aspects of Kenyan culture. Buy Hessian Cloth at Ebuild Kenya, your one stop building materials supplier
In Kenya, Hessian cloth is commonly used for crafting traditional items such as bags, mats, and decorative pieces. Its natural look and texture add an authentic touch to these handmade products. Additionally, it is often utilized in construction for erosion control purposes.

Beyond traditional uses, burlap has become popular in the fashion industry in Kenya. Designers incorporate it into their collections for its unique aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly characteristics. Burlap continues to play an important role in various sectors across diverse industries.

Comparison of Hessian Cloth with Other Materials

When considering materials for various projects, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Hessian cloth stands out for its versatility and durability compared to other fabrics. Its natural fibers make it eco-friendly and biodegradable, unlike synthetic materials that harm the environment.

Hessian cloth is known for its breathability, making it a popular choice for agricultural purposes such as protecting plants from harsh weather conditions. In comparison to plastic sheeting or tarpaulin, burlap cloth allows air circulation while providing adequate protection.

For crafting and DIY projects, this material offers a rustic charm that synthetic fabrics cannot replicate. Its texture adds character and warmth to any design, setting it apart from sterile-looking alternatives like nylon or polyester.

When considering the price point of burlap cloth in Kenya compared to other materials on the market, its affordability makes it an attractive option without compromising on quality or sustainability. You can also buy from our stockist in Westlands Gypsum Ceiling Supplies

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Dimensions 457200 × 5500 mm


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