Fiberglass Insulation 100mm – 1.2m*0.6m

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Gypsum Ceiling Supplies is a Kenya supplier of fiber glass wool insulation at wholesale prices. Our glass wool is high quality sourced from certified companies such as Knauf Insulation and Saint Gobain. Our prices are the best in East Africa and can deliver bulk orders if within Kenya. Call 0705718085 for bulk orders and get discounted rates

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Fiberglass wool Insulation is designed for use on power and process boilers, breechings, ducts, precipitators, chimney liners and other heated equipment operating at temperatures up to 850ºF (454ºC). It is used in applications where an outside facing of metal or metal mesh with a finishing cement is required. It can also be used as insulation in a metal panel system and drywall

Application of Fiberglass Wool

Fiberglass Insulation can be installed directly to hot, flat or curved surfaces. It can be attached using welded pins or studs and finished with sheet metal, or using metal mesh and insulating cement, then canvassed and painted. Pins with speed washer or studs and nuts should be installed on 12″ (300 mm) x 18″ (450 mm) (approx.) centers and the insulation impaled over them. The sheet metal or metal mesh is secured to the same fasteners Joints of the sheet metal are offset from joints of the insulation.

For temperatures over 400ºF (204ºC), good practice suggests double layer application. Regardless of insulation type single layer installation requires good workmanship to minimize heat loss and hot spots at insulation joints.

Fiberglas Insulation may be installed in either single or multiple layers up to a maximum of 6″ (152mm) at all temperature up to 850ºF (454ºC). or to a maximum of 8″ (203 mm) at temperatures not over 650ºF (343ºC).

Features and Benefits of Glass Wool

Thermal Efficiency

Its consistent fibrous glass composition enables Fiberglass Insulation to help conserve energy and lower costly heat loss.


Fiberglass Insulation is easy to handle and install, even when large size boards are used. There’s no tendency for pin-holes to become elongated in vibration situations; this eliminates a major source of heat leaks.

No Crumbling, Breaking, Slumping

Fiberglass Insulation is easy to handle because it. won’t crumble or break during installation. It cuts cleanly and easily It resists tearing and pulling apart, which contributes to excellent long-term installed thermal performance.

Large Size Availability

Boards in sizes to 4 by 8 ft. (1.2m x 2.4m) help reduce the number of joints, speeding installation and eliminating potential sources of heat leakage. This feature helps improve installed cost.

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