Fiberglass Insulation Foil Faced 12m*1.2m*50mm

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Ebuild Kenya Imports High quality fiberglass Insulation Blankets and supplies within Kenya and East Africa. Fiberglass Insulation FSK with foil is specifically designed for roof insulation while the foil helps retard heat. You can Use fiberglass to;

  • Partition Soundproofing
  • Roof Insulation
  • Heat Insulation
  • Ceiling Soundproofing
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Pipe Lagging
  • Hot water tank wrapping
  • Size: 12×1.2mx50mm
  • Fire Resistant upto 450 Degrees Celsius

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Fiberglass Insulation with foil is specifically designed to cover sizable area especially in roof cavities, partitions and attic spaces. The 50mm insulation roll with foil has a size of 12m long and 1.2m width, able to withstand 450 degree Celsius and with an advantage of foil face.

The fiberglass insulation roll from Glass rock can solve many aspects including but not limited to;

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ducts and connections
  • Used to insulate the roof and attic spaces
  • Soundproofing partitions

Thermal performance and energy efficiency

When installed together with other supporting materials, Fiberglass insulation can save you on energy bills by reducing heat entering the house. The thermal performance of glass wool reduces utility bills for building owners Additionally, fiberglass insulation offers design flexibility. Greater amounts can be installed in some sections of a building to increase overall thermal performance and compensate for areas with lower thermal values, such as windows and doors. It enables a wide range of R-values, giving the specifier more options for meeting provincial and national energy code requirements.

 Fiberglass insulation R-value

Fiberglass insulation products come in R-values ranging from R8 to R49. You can increase the r value of fiberglass insulation by adding the overall thickness. Properly installed fiberglass insulation maintains its R-value over a long period of time. Always install glass wool without compressing because it will lose the R

Moisture resistance

When exposed to moisture or water, fiberglass rolls does not get affected nor absorb liquid. The inert material will dry after an extended moisture exposure, and will regain its original R-value, as long as it hasn’t been deformed, physically torn apart or contaminated with dirt.

Fire resistance

Fiber glass Insulation is Nonflammable for life because it is made from sand and recycled glass. It requires no additional fire-resistant chemical treatments. You can easily block fire in wood, steel framed assemblies by using fiberglass

Acoustic control

Glass wool of fiberglass by nature a soundproofing material that significantly reduces sound transmission in wall, ceiling, floor and HVAC assemblies. The first inch of fiberglass insulation in a building cavity can increase an assembly’s sound transmission class value by three or four points in some projects. Each additional cm has the potential to increase the assembly sound transmission class rating of up to two additional points.

Recycled content

Also considered a green product, fiberglass insulation has significant recycled content, with some batt, roll and loose-fill insulation products containing up to 80 percent recycled glass. The other main ingredient in fiberglass insulation, silica sand, is an abundant, naturally renewing resource, limiting environmental impact in the manufacturing process.

Roof Insulation using Fiber Glass Insulation rolls FSK