Clear Perspex Sheet Transparent Plastic 4ft*8ft

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Our Range of clear perspex is available in sheets from 3mm to 50mm thicknesses. Clear Perspex is a durable, lightweight and optically clear alternative to glass which can be used in numerous applications.

  • Cutting to Sizes Available
  • Standard Size 4ft*8ft
  • Thicknesses from 3mm
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Perspex Acrylic Sheets in Nairobi, Kenya

Perspex sheets are thermoplastic sheets used in various projects in the construction industry across the World. These panels are often used as a lightweight alternative to glass and other materials because they offer excellent optical quality, high light transmission, weather resistance, and sound reflection. Like most plastics, Perspex sheets respond to temperature changes by expanding or contracting at a far greater rate than glass. One major difference between Perspex and glass is that Perspex does not shrink with age. Some shrinkage may occur when general-purpose Perspex is heated to forming temperature, but post-forming stability is exceptional. E-build Kenya imports high quality Perspex sheets in different colors and sizes to suite your project needs

Perspex More Flexible than Glass

Perspex sheet is also more flexible than glass and many other building materials. If insulation is a concern for the project at hand, you will be relieved to know that Perspex surface resistivity is higher than that of most plastics. In fact, plexiglass extruded acrylic has a light transmittance of 92 percent and is warranted not to lose more than 3 percent of its light-transmitting ability in a 10-year period. UV-filtering acrylic absorbs more than 98 percent of the radiation in the ultraviolet range below 400 nanometers.

Plexiglass sheets offer an energy-efficient alternative to standard glass, which is conducive to residential applications such as window glazing, designing backsplash in a kitchen, updating cabinets, and so much more. Transparent colored Perspex can be used to reduce glare and solar energy transmittance. Perspex also has excellent resistance to attack by many chemicals. At only half the weight of glass and approximately 43 percent the weight of aluminum, Perspex sheet offers a lightweight alternative that is safe and easy to install. The panels can also be sectioned in a wide variety of ways, using hand tools or power tools.

Colours: Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Bronze, Black and Clear

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