Bosch Laser Measure GLM250 +Tripod – Powerful Tape Measure

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Bosch rangefinder GLM 250 VF incl; integrated viewfinder for optimal visibility up to 250 m

  • Maximum measurement performance and precision, even in adverse lighting conditions, thanks to a glass lens and ceramic optics carrier
  • Easy-to-operate measurement functions for fast and accurate calculation of lengths, areas and volumes
  • IP 54, measuring range up to 250 m, laser class 2, measuring accuracy ± 1 mm, 30 memory values
  • Bosch Professional laser measure GLM 250 VF, carrying strap, 4 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA) batteries, protective bag

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Why Buy Bosch Laser Measure GLM 250VF for Exterior and Interior Measuring?

The Bosch Laser Measure is a valuable tool that has revolutionized measurements in Kenya. Its compact design, accuracy, and ease of use make it an essential device for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

With its advanced features like laser technology, distance calculations, and precise measurements, the Bosch Laser Measure simplifies tasks such as estimating room dimensions, creating floor plans, measuring distances for construction projects or interior designing.

However, like any other tool, there are pros and cons to consider. The benefits of using the Bosch Laser Measure include its high accuracy levels and time-saving capabilities. On the other hand, drawbacks may include limited battery life or difficulty in direct sunlight conditions.

To use the Bosch Laser Measure effectively in Kenya:
1. Familiarize yourself with its functions by reading the user manual.
2. Ensure proper calibration before taking measurements.
3. Place it on a stable surface or attach it to a tripod for better stability.
4. Aim at your target point accurately to obtain precise results.
5. Consider environmental factors such as dust or extreme temperatures that might affect readings.

While the Bosch Laser Measure is undoubtedly an excellent choice for measurement needs in Kenya’s various industries and sectors; there are alternative options available from brands like Leica Geosystems or DEWALT that offer similar functionality.

In summary,
The Bosch Laser Measure provides accurate measurements quickly and easily making it indispensable for professionals across different fields in Kenya including construction workers architects electricians carpenters surveyors etc

Whether you need to measure distances estimate room sizes create floor plans or perform any other measurement task this handy device will save you time effort while ensuring precision every time you use it


Additional data

Dust and splash protection IP 54
Measurement time, typical < 0.5 s
Laser diode 650 nm, < 1 mW
Measurement range 0.08 – 150.00 m
Laser class 2
Measurement accuracy, typical ± 1.5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Measurement range of incline measurement 0 – 360° (4 x 90°)
Measuring accuracy (typical) ± 0.2°* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Measurement time, max. 4 s
Power supply 1 x 3.6 V Li-Ion battery (3120 mAh)
Automatic deactivation 5 min
Weight, approx. 0.21 kg
Units of measurement m/cm/mm/ft/inch/ft-inch
Memory capacity (values) 50
Tripod thread 1/4″
Digital viewfinder integrated
Data transfer Bluetooth™ 4.2 Low Energy
Laser colour Red
Measuring range, up to 250 m

Bosch Laser Measuring Tool GLM 250VF

Product Highlights

This robust outdoor laser measure has a digital camera viewfinder with a zoom function for accurately measuring distances up to 250 metres. Measurements and pictures are automatically saved and easy to read thanks to a large, high-contrast 2.8″ IPS colour display that rotates between portrait and landscape view. For convenient documentation, all data can be transferred via Bluetooth to the Bosch MeasureOn App or via USB connection to a PC. With IP54 protection, scratch-resistant display glass, and user-friendly interface, this laser measure is the handy all-rounder for demanding jobsites.

Equipment & Application

Architects, construction managers, or HVAC installation professionals will reach for this smart laser measure for its long-distance capability, easy readability, and convenient documentation.

Additional Information

The GLM 250 VF laser measure has an integrated lithium-ion battery, ensuring long operating time and more flexibility.