100mm Rockwool Insulation Roll 3m*1m

KSh 15,500.00

Buy 100mm rockwool insulation from Glassrock. Best for industrial and soundproofing within partitions. Rockwool blocks sounds and gives you privacy preventing noise from outside and vise versa. Rockwool is also an excellent fire resistant product that can be gladded on hot pipes, vents and pipes

  • The density is 100kg/m3
  • Rated Class A fire rating
  • Size 3metres by 1 Metre
  • Thickness 100mm


Wired Rockwool Blankets – Wired rockwool blankets are the most common rockwool blankets in Kenya due to their wide applications in industries. They have a chicken mesh overlay of stainless steel or galvanized wire which is stitched to it. The wire overlay helps in easy handling and addition of mechanical strength to the rockwool blanket. These wired rolls are mainly used thermal insulation plications such boilers, steam pipes, oil refineries and powerplants among others

Rockwool Insulation has continued to be the most used insulation material due to its versatile applications in sound and thermal insulation. We have been the leading supplier of rockwool (mineral wool) insulation products in Kenya and East Africa for both industrial and domestic applications. Contact us today to make your enquiries for the best prices in the region. Tel: +254 743665665 or

Made from molten stone wool, rock wool (mineral wool), offers superior qualities in sound absorption, fire resistance and thermal insulation.  Most of the rockwool products in Kenya have service temperature between 750oC and 1000oC. The following are the main features of rockwool (mineral wool):

Thermal Performance: Rockwool products have very low thermal conductivity which makes the product an item of choice in thermal insulation. The thermal resistivity (R-value) of rockwool lies between R-2.8 to R-3.5.

Acoustic Properties: Rockwool is a high-density material that absorbs sound waves. Depending on the density and thickness of the material the noise reduction level (NRC) of rockwool ranges from 0.7 to 0.9 making it an excellent product for soundproofing.

Fire-resistance: Since rockwool is made of stone wool and other recycled products rockwool (mineral) has Euro-Class A fire rating. It is non-combustible thus used for fireproofing buildings.

Durability and Sustainability: Once installed rockwool can stay for many years since it does not get affected by molds.

Features of Rockwool Insulation

  • Made from natural, sustainable material
  • Typically contains up to 75 percent recycled content
  • Retains heat well and traps air, which slows the transfer of heat
  • Non-combustible and fire resistant to about 1,400 degrees
  • Highly water repellent
  • Excellent sound-deadening properties
  • Higher insulating value than fiberglass blankets
  • Long-term performance—rock wool doesn’t degrade over time
  • Allows moisture to escape (which deters mold and mildew)
  • Dense, firm batts are friction-fit into place; no stapling necessary


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