Ceiling Board Prices in Kenya – Nairobi Ultimate Guide

Ceiling board prices in Kenya continue to raise day by day due to importation and production costs involved. There are different varieties of ceiling boards you can use for your project ranging from the cheapest to the most luxurious. Your pocket and style remain supreme is the decision makers.

Gypsum Ceiling Coffered Design

Before we delve into it, Gypsum ceiling is a combination of gypsum boards as the main element mixed with other gypsum ceiling accessories and crafted on site. Besides gypsum boards, you will need; gypsum accessories like; gypsum studs, gypsum channels, gypsum screws, gypsum fiber tape, gypsum corner tape, steel nails, sandpaper, paint and gypsum filler. You can also accessorize the ceiling with crown mouldings like ceiling medallions, cornices, marble sheets, wainscoting panels, fluted panels etc. You can check our wide range of gypsum boards and order online on 0743665665

Gypsum coffered ceiling remains one of the most expensive due to the bulkheads and crown mouldings involved in crafting it. Besides, the multiple materials used to craft the ceiling, gypsum technicians usually charge higher installation prices because the design is time consuming and messy. A gypsum coffered ceiling design can cost approximately 3, 500 Shillings per square Metre. This design requires a large surface area – more than 30 square Metres to be specific

Gypsum Ceiling Design Bulkhead

Gypsum Ceiling Designs with Bulkheads in Nairobi Kenya
Gypsum Ceiling Designs with Bulkheads

Gypsum normal design is also modern but slightly costly due to the several gypsum ceiling materials used to craft. This design involves simple bulkheads with indirect lights and downlights combined. A modern Designer ceiling with bulkheads can cost approximately 2, 800 shillings per square Metre. To be able to actualize such a ceiling design, you need to consider adjusting the height of the interior rooms to at least 3 Metres. A two level bulkhead ceiling can take an average suspension of 250mm while a 3 level bulkhead ceiling can be suspended up to 350mm. The required ceiling height should be factored in the structural design of the house. Therefore architects, Engineers, builders and developers should take note of this important element

Gypsum Ceiling Plain design

Gypsum Board Ceiling simple and Plain Design

As a gypsum designer, i usually say ‘Simple is Gold if its build with the right builders ‘Gypsum plain ceiling is very simple and stylish, in fact when installed, you can confuse it with concrete ceiling. Its advantage is that you can easily install downlights, speakers and panel lights easily. Overall, the advantage of installing a gypsum board ceiling is durability, beauty and simplicity. Gypsum ceiling also adds a sense of life within a room especially when blended well with other interior furnishings. If you are considering a gypsum ceiling, better find an expert installer otherwise you might get disappointed at the results if you choose an armature. A plain gypsum ceiling in Kenya can cost approximately 2, 000 Shillings per square Metre.

Mahogany Ceiling Tile and Groove TnG

Mahogany Wooden TnG ceiling is one of the oldest type of ceiling in Kenya loved by many because of its rustic style. Tile and Groove (TnG) mahogany ceiling is a traditional type of ceiling which is still very popular in Kenya and especially for the old age clientele. The ceiling is also most expensive due to governing reinforcements of go-green around the World. Modern builders and house owners love the rustic style especially in visible sections like the verandah, sitting room and corridors. Mahogany TnG ceiling is also best for the exterior eves since gypsum is not suitable for such sections. Mahogany ceiling requires specialty since the levels have to be perfect and the grooves should balance as required. If blended well with other interior decor furnishings, this type of ceiling looks very stylish, rustic and luxurious in farm houses, townhouses etc. Mahogany is expensive but long lasting. Are you thinking of installing this ceiling? Well it can cost you approximately 4, 800 shillings per square Metre. Note that buy wood with is completely dry and treated! Thank me later

Cypress Ceiling Tile and Groove TnG

Cypress TnG Ceiling is another wood ceiling but it is called so because the panels are of cypress wood. Cypress is an elegant wood grain, kuna wale wanaipenda vile ilivyo. Cypress is not as strong and good as mahogany but you can save some coins if you consider it other than mahogany. Wooden ceiling is not fire resistant, so think twice as you meditate over your ceiling choice. The cost of installing a TnG cypress ceiling in Kenya is approximately Ksh 3, 500 shillings per square Metre.

Chipboard Ceiling Flowered and Plain

Cheap board ceiling is another old school type of ceiling. We have the flowered and the plain type. Many people call it ceiling board. In the 1990s when i was a kid, any luxury house in my village used to have chipboard ceiling installed, This ceiling was very popular those days, now technology advancement is facing it out. The ceiling is cheaper to install because you only need the panels that costs Ksh 900 and 2’x2′. So if you are on a tight budget, then this is your ideal ceiling. The downside is roof leakage can bring the entire ceiling down. The cost of installing a chip board ceiling including supply and fix costs Ksh 1, 500 per Square Metre

Pvc Ceiling Heavy Gauge

PVC Ceiling Panels heavy gauge is also another budget friendly plastic ceiling we import from China for the Kenyan market. These are large panels manufactured in wooden shades such us mahogany, cypress etc. The panels actually mimics wooden grains. I love the panels due to their strength an longevity. PVC Heavy gauge are water resistant, UV resistant and budget friendly. Why budget friendly? Because a single bundle of PVC Ceiling Heavy Gauge covers 11 square metres and costs Ksh 5, 000 shillings. Therefore, the cost of installing a PVC Ceiling Heavy gauge in Kenya costs approximately Ksh1, 000 Shillings per square Metre. You can actually fix on the exterior eves or interior sections of a residential house

PVC Ceiling Light Gauge

Finally, the cheapest ceiling in town is PVC light gauge. Guys, i mean light gauge, when it falls after 30 days, please don’t blame me. The panels are very light and not quite durable. I have seen then installed in rental houses or houses that are not complexly exposed to wind and excessive heat, If the panels are faced with such hostile temperatures, they fall off so easily. I advise you fix if you really have no choice or need temporary cover. A bundle of PVC Ceiling light gauge in Kenya costs Ksh 2, 500 Shillings. The cost of installing PVC Ceiling Light Gauge panels in Kenya costs approximately Ksh 1000 per square Metre

We have checked on almost all the residential ceilings available in the Kenyan Market. At Ebuild, we import and produce building materials for the consumption of Kenya and East Africa. Some of the ceiling systems we have not covered includes; Acoustic ceilings, metal ceiling tiles, gypsum ceiling tiles, stretch ceiling system and baffle ceilings. I will also talk about them when time comes

Meanwhile, Promote and buy our products at ebuild.ke as i continue advocating for smart building technologies.

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